Does it work?

“CARDIO work while lying on your back!!!!!!!!, This is a great workout, I had a back and hip injury and this was one of the most interesting workouts I've ever done without causing undue pressure on my back and hips. Dawn is a pleasure to work out with and very particular that every exercise is performed precisely. I appreciate the individual attention; five to one maximum in a class.”
Patricia Gurd - Cardio-Tramp client

"I was encouraged to try Pilates to treat a long standing back condition. Having now attended weekly sessions for about 9 months my back problems are history and my core strength and flexibility has greatly improved. Dawn changes the format of the class regularly to avoid the sessions becoming repetitive and there is always a relaxed and  enjoyable atmosphere. The added bonus has been a reduction in waist size from 36"to 32''!!
Anonymous - 2:1 client

“Twelve months ago I was experiencing lots of pain in my ankle and knee. As the months passed the Arthritis in the knee became too painful to manage and necessitated Physiotherapy on a weekly basis to alleviate the swelling and the pain. I was walking with the aid of a stick and after going through the hoops of the NHS I seemed to be in line for knee surgery, something I wanted to avoid. I started Pilates just under three months ago and the difference this has made to me is amazing. I am no longer hauling myself up the stairs with the aid of the banister or having to go up bent and using my hands on the step above. The stick has been left in the corner of the porch. I can once again walk the mile into town free of pain. Recently while on holiday in the Lakes-a holiday arranged long before the knee became a problem- I managed two hill walks. Yes I had to rest the knee the following day but was able to enjoy the walking in such a beautiful area. On a recent visit to the Physio at the hospital, it was clear that I was managing the problem positively and though I may well need surgery at some stage as the deterioration in the knee is not something that can be repaired with exercise. I can enjoy a better quality of life currently and intend to continue with the Pilates for as long as possible.”
Mo Bloomfield - Reformer client

“I initially signed up for the reformer sessions in October 2011 as a means of rehabilitation exercise - I sustained a hip injury in a car accident 2 years previously and had found it difficult to maintain any form of intensive or strenuous exercise. Also, with a wedding planned for December 2011, I was running out of time to get in shape!! With reformer, the exercises can be as gentle or as strenuous as you like! Using a lower resistance, I could have a good workout without putting any unnecessary stress through my hip. The results in such a short space of time were amazing! My husband has sent his personal thanks to my instructor, Dawn, for giving his wife such shapely, well trimmed legs and thighs!! I have subsequently signed up for 10 more sessions!!”
Lisa Wilkinson - Reformer & Cardio-Tramp client

“I decided to try the Pilates Reformer classes to compliment my existing workout regime which consisted of mat Pilates, kettlebells and swimming. I keep a record of my weight and measurements and having been the same weight and size for many months I found that I had lost nearly an inch from my hips and an inch from the belly area. This can only be down to the reformer classes as it is the only change in my routine. I have done 12 classes so far and needless to say not only am I continuing my classes but have upped them to twice a week now!!!! Thanks Dawn for being a great teacher, I love the classes and most of all am loving my new shape!”
Liz Booth - Reformer client